What is Oud?

What is Oud?

Oud naturally grows from the Agar tree in Asia. ​It is also known as Agarwood. Oil is ​carefully extracted from the Agar tree, and it is the mould found within the bark that give​s us that resinous heartwood we use as perfume and know so well. It's the single most expensive raw ingredient in the world. It's the liquid gold of perfume! The Agar tree considered an old endangered tree as only 2% of its tree population is infected, making it so hard to source.

The scent of Oud is so unique, it reacts differently per person. Once applied, it has a Top note; this note is the first elements you smell. The Middle notes are the scents you smell once the first scent has worn away. The Base/Bottom Notes; the scent that stays until the end of the day. These all react differently to body heat as well.

Dehan Oudh Al Malaki is a beautiful example of Oud. This supreme blend is long lasting without being overbearing or too strong.


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