Advantages of Portable Bakhoor Burner Set - Know why it is Popular

Advantages of Portable Bakhoor Burner Set - Know why it is Popular

A portable Bakhoor burner is becoming something of an indispensable item in many homes as more and more households discover the exotic aromas of Bakhoor Oud Perfume UK. UK households in particular are beginning to discover this fine fragrance of Arabia. But this new fascination with the fragrance of oud is not the only reason for the popularity of the portable Bakhoor burner. These traditional burners can also be beautiful objects in their own right and can be an inexpensive way to bring some of the look, as well as the scent of Arabia into your room.


Maha Musk London is proud to be one of the best loved Oud shops in London with a history reaching back many years. Driven by his passion for this remarkable commodity, our founder has developed many contacts around the world in order to bring a wide range of beautiful Bakhoor burners and Oud Perfumes to the United Kingdom. As a result we are able to provide our customers with a range of portable bakhoor burners to suit every aesthetic.


Traditionalists would probably prefer our elegantly functional “Incense Bakhoor Burner” which features a metal burning plate upon which you should place a hot, glowing coal or two and then sprinkle over some of your Oud to liberate the fragrant oils and release that wonderful scent into your room. Those of a more flamboyant spirit might select our “Gold Bakhoor Burner”. This beautifully styled burner functions in exactly the same way but has about it the suggestion of Aladdin’s lamp. We regret that it lacks the power to summon a Djinn compelled to grant your wishes, but we would suggest that the fragrance it provides is magical in its own way.

Aladdin's Lamp style Gold Bakhoor Burner

Such romanticism may not impress the more practical mind, and for such people we have our eminently practical electric Bakhoor burner. This does lack some of the traditional beauty of our other burners, but is much more practical in domestic settings where accidentally dropping glowing coals is incompatible with the good maintenance of carpets and hardwood floors.


As one of the most firmly established Oud shops in London Maha Musk has long been an advocate for this evocatively fragrant product and has always been keen to find new ways to introduce these fine fragrances to a wider audience. Using heat to diffuse the aroma of oud throughout your rooms is how it has always been done since time immemorial – even when that heat is electrically generated. But it is important to understand that “Oud” is not a singular thing, there are many varieties and blends, each offering a different scent experience.


Whatever burner you choose for your home we can offer a wide and carefully curated selection of Bakhoor and Oud products. To take just two, our Oud Sharqiah Bakhoor, for example, will infuse the air of your room with a warm, spicy scent with woody amber notes and perhaps the lightest hint of rose. Our Oud Ambre Bakhoor shares that same attractive woody note, but with a balsamic sharpness an earthy sweetness and the faintest suggestion of spiced vanilla. Whatever your mood or personal taste might be, we have an Oud Bakhoor that will match it, making the fragrance in your home as distinctive and unique as you are, perhaps becoming your signature aroma.


But however portable Bakhoor burners can be, it is not really practical to carry a lighted burner around all day. How then can we experience the beauty of the scent of oud in our day to day lives, as we go about our day to day business? Can we take our signature aroma with us when we leave the house?


Our founder’s position as the proprietor of one of the most successful oud shops London, and his passion for the exotic elegance of this most evocative of fragrances have enabled us finally to say “yes – you can carry that fine fragrance wherever you go”. His single-minded determination to share his passion far and wide led us to discover a range of Oud Eau de Parfum. As experts in the field we can offer bespoke advice to our customers to help them select the perfect Oud Perfume. UK customers have a large and exciting range to choose from.


For example, our Oud Sharqiah Eau de Parfum is a delightful fragrance which boasts the same warm, woody notes and gentle hint of rose that make our Oud Sharqiah Bakhoor so popular. Oud Sharqiah is perfect as a scent for both men and women who want to make a firm statement with their choice of personal fragrance and stand out from the crowd.

Those looking to make a stronger statement have a wide range of bold choices before them. For example, heavy with the heady aromas of Saffron, Copahu balm, and Gaiac wood our Oud Amour Eau de Parfum drips confidence and assurance. This unisex scent is the domain of the bolder, more adventurous person who does not worry about being thought overbearing – Oud Amour is as powerful and indefatigable as your personality.

Less punchy, but more open and perhaps more casually charismatic we have Oud Awesome, an exciting Eau de Parfum for those who prefer a lighter, fresher fragrance. Alive with vibrant notes of Lemon, Geranium, Pink Pepper and Elemi blending with more subtly sweet hints of incense, Benzoin and Oud with just the merest touch of Patchouli and leather this is an exciting and invigorating fragrance for the man or woman with a sense of adventure and love of life. This is the scent of travel and spontaneity – the fragrance of fun and laughter, the scent of summer twilight where possibilities are endless and joy is unrestrained.

Oud Amour | Oud Arabica | Oud Awesome

Then, there is the more relaxed and traditional fragrance of Oud Arabica Eau de Parfum. This is the refined spirit of Arabia, a fragrance that will instantly transport anyone to the heart of the Arab world, full of spice, rose and beauty. We are incredibly proud of our carefully curated range of these fine fragrances which are infused with the power and spirit of Arabia. We genuinely believe that you could scour the oud shops of London for a very long time and not find a better selection. So discover the gloriously aromatic world of Oud Perfume. UK customers can now join in this uniquely Arabian experience.


As the distinctly evocative scent of Oud Bakhoor continues to waft across the United Kingdom and more people are able to experience its subtly enticing fragrance the question “why are portable Bakhoor burners so popular?” perhaps ceases to be the question. They are popular because people are increasingly open to experiencing Arabic culture, and are increasingly falling under the spell of these enchantingly exotic fragrances. If you have yet to experience this aromatic phenomenon perhaps now is the time to light a burner, sprinkle on a pinch of Oud, take a deep, deep breath and step boldly forward into an exciting new scent experience.

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