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Arabic incense or bakhoor is generally used to perfume the house and is thought to distil negative energies. It is customary in many Arab countries and within South Asian households to pass a bakhoor burner set or portable bakhoor burner, containing Arabian oud bakhoor, amongst the guests in the congregation as a gesture of hospitality. The benefits of Arabian oud incense or bakhoor include: a beautifully fragranced home, a heightened sense of mental clarity, and a calming sense of security. Maha Musk London is an Arabic perfume shop offering a diverse range of the highest quality Arabian oud, delivering from London to across the UK. Order an oud bakhoor burner or bakhoor burner gift set now to enjoy a traditional Arabian bakhoor scent. Perfect gift set for prayer & meditation.

Oud technically refers to the raw agarwood chips or pieces which have undergone minimal processing (cleaning/polishing) and are completely natural. Arabian oud incense or bakhoor typically also contains a number of synthetic aroma-chemicals which gives it its oily appearance.

In order to use a bakhoor burner set, first warm some charcoal till it greys and has an orange tinge. Place the Arabian oud bakhoor within the oud bakhoor burner and use a pair of tongs to place the coal tab on the plate. Carefully sprinkle some Arabian oud bakhoor on top of the coal tab. The bakhoor's oils will evaporate thanks to the heat of the charcoal tab, releasing exotic, aromatic and rich fragrances. Alternatively, you can use an electric portable bakhoor burner, where the Arabian incense or bakhoor can simply be placed on the heated plate.

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