Al Noor Family Fun Day

Al Noor Family Fun Day

Yesterday we took part in our first event at the Al Noor Fun Day in Valentines Park, Ilford. We participated for one day, the weather was looking dull and we were worried there wasn't going to be a lot of footfall because of it. We were anxious and felt overwhelmed with what products we should take and what customers would like. But from 3pm things took a turn. We had more customers coming our way. Curious to see what products we had. We were burning our bakhoor, Mabsoos Al Ateeq and walking around the fair.


We had our chance to showcase our products and have had customers test the scents we have. The feedback we have had has been great. Thank you to Al Noor Foundation for letting us be a part of this event, and thank you to the customers for showing interests in our products!


A few showstoppers from the event include Mabsoos Al Ateeq. This Bakhoor was quite popular and we had used it on our Incense Bakhoor Burner. It left a beautiful fragrance around the fair bringing more families in! Another favourite was our Room Fragance sprays Oud Ahsan and Bakhoor Khas.

Our handy little pocket sprays were family favourites, from the younger kids, teenagers and parents. Have a browse of our large collection here. We had a lot of enquiries about our 6ml concentrated oils so please feel free to message us for more information.


We hope to take part in more events like this so keep your eyes peeled!


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