Fill Your Home with the Charming Fragrance of Oud and Bakhoor

Fill Your Home with the Charming Fragrance of Oud and Bakhoor

The distinctively exotic fragrance of Arabian Oud perfume and Bakhoor will evoke memories of Arabia in the mind of anyone who has spent some time in the Arabic world, where the heady scent of this uniquely fragrant incense is traditionally believed to expel negative energies and is also used extensively to sweeten the air within the home. Now, this remarkable form of incense is becoming more widely available, and so more widely used in Western countries.


Imtiyazali Patel, the founder of Maha Musk London, a well-established Arabian perfume shop in London, has twenty years of experience, passion and expertise running his Arabian perfume shop. London has long known his passion for fragrance, and now Maha Musk London is beginning to spread the magic of Arabian Oud Perfume beyond London and into the rest of Britain. This is a passion that cannot and should not be confined and now we are proud to be able to say that anyone online can experience this finest of fragrances because we are now able to ship quality Arabian Oud perfume UK wide.


As you would expect with a substance so deeply rooted in Arabic culture Oud and Bakhoor incense is steeped in Arabian tradition. It is burned throughout the Arab World as an accompaniment to both the vibrant celebrations of weddings and other such special occasions, but also to the most solemn of prayers and meditations. And of course, many Arabian families also use this remarkable, evocative and completely natural scent to bring fragrance into their homes every day.


Cultures throughout Arabia ascribe many properties to Oud and Bakhoor. It is beyond doubt that this exotic incense will fragrance your home with its beautiful and exotic aromas, but Bakhoor will do so much more than just simply make your home smell nice. It is not only part of the traditions of Arabic cultures, but also their lived experience that the scent can also bring a sense of calm and a feeling of security to the air. This in turn helps to create a feeling of improved mental clarity – every breath clearing the mind of stress and inducing a feeling of relaxed contentment. There is something special about the aroma of Bakhoor that lifts your spirits with every breath you take.


To explore the exotic aromas of Arabian Oud Perfume and Bakhoor in the traditional manner you simply place some of your Bakhoor chips onto the plate of your portable Bakhoor burner and light some charcoal in a separate grill or fireplace. When the charcoal develops a grey and powdery surface (or is glowing red, if you happen to be doing this at night) you should use a pair of tongs and take the utmost care to gently place a single coal on to your little pile of Bakhoor, then add a little more Bakhoor on top. The heat that radiates out from the coal will liberate the fragrant oils held within the Bakhoor, dispersing them into the atmosphere and filling the air around you with a richly exotic aroma filled with the promise of Arabia into your home.



There is something deeply satisfying about experiencing the uplifting fragrance of Oud and Bakhoor in this traditional way. Certainly it demands a little time, a little effort and a little preparation – all of which combine to endow the process with a real feeling of worth and a true sense of history. It is a simple, quiet, contemplative act, completely unchanged for perhaps a thousand years, and so can feel like a real connection back to a place and time far away from our damp little island and the mundane stresses of the modern world.


However, it is also true to say that while we might all be harbouring romantic dreams of dark nights on desert sands illuminated only by the flickering orange light of a fire and the gentle stars of an Arabian sky, very few of us currently live in a manner that can be said to be really conducive to having lit coals in our houses. The romance of charcoal burning on the sands of Arabia is one thing. The hard reality of dropping one onto your carpet or hardwood floor while the shriek of your smoke alarm shatters the peace of your evening is quite another. It is a shame, and we really do hate to say this, but however much we desire the sweet aromatics of Arabian Oud Perfume UK residents might, for the most part at least, have to accept the reality of the British weather and save the traditional method for those rare warm evenings on the patio. For a large part of the year it will probably be necessary to employ a less traditional, and if we are to be completely honest, slightly less romantic appliance to the task. What can we say? We live in what are regrettably prosaic times.


Fortunately, even in these unromantic, hard-headed, practical days it is still possible to bring some of the magic of Arabia into your home. Because while we truly love the traditional methods of infusing the fragrant aromas of Oud and Bakhoor into the air, we are now well into the twenty-first century and there are of course portable Bakhoor burners that use electricity rather than a glowing lump of charcoal to generate the necessary heat. And while the electrically powered portable Bakhoor burner does lack the romance and tradition of its charcoal powered counterpart, the modern electric version is cleaner, easier and - somewhat crucially – much less likely to burn a hole in the floor of your living room. In the end the result is essentially the same as both heat sources will liberate the aromatic oils from the Bakhoor and fill your home with the exotic fragrance of Arabia.


This is the true power of perfume. Nothing evokes a memory or the spirit of a place than its scent. By using Oud and Bakhoor in your home you are giving your home a sense of identity that you and your family will always be able to recall, no matter how far away you are in space and time. In years to come, when your children are grown and living their lives far away, the merest hint of the fragrance of Bakhoor will return them to the days when they were living at home as children. A fragrance like that has the power to reconnect, to restore and to revive the spirits and ease the mind

So, come with us and explore the wonderfully aromatic world of Maha Musk London, the Arabian perfume shop London has finally decided it can share with the rest of the World. We offer a vast range of carefully curated Arabian Oud Perfume UK residents have only been able to dream of until now. We also have the pleasure to present a range of beautiful portable Bakhoor burners from the romantically traditional burning charcoal type to the more modern, cleaner, more practical electronic devices. Whatever you select you are sure to discover a whole new world of fragrance that will free your mind and liberate your soul.


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