What is Amber

What is Amber

In the world of perfumery, there are two types of Amber​ and we're going to set the record straight to avoid any confusion and give you the best chance of finding the right fragrance for you! These two types are called Amber and Ambergris.

Amber is fossilised plant resin with a sweet vanilla and benzoin note emanating from it. This scent is usually matched with Almond and Tobacco scented perfumes to give it the gritty notes it needs. Amber is also known for its golden colour and commonly used to brighten its aesthetic. 

An example of the soft sweet nature of Amber is Ward Al Malik. Along with Rose and Vanilla, this perfume blend will brighten anyone's day.


Ambergris, on the other hand, is a substance that comes from whales - giving it an animalic, musky and salty scent. There are many grades of Ambergris and the more it's matured, the stronger the note. This substance is commonly used in Ayurveda medicine too. Because of its high price, the natural product is rarely used in perfumery and has been replaced with synthetic oils that mimic its scent. The synthetic notes usually have a caramel, salt and tobacco undertone, a compliment to musk and woody scents.

An example of this beautiful soft and sweet scent is Oud De La Nuit. This blend has Spicy and Woody notes to compliment the Amber base note that stays until the end of the day.


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