Where did Oud Perfumery Derive From?

Where did Oud Perfumery Derive From?

Arabic traditions have played an important role in the development of European perfumery. Ever since East and West have met, and both cultures have crossed and mixed, Eastern aromatics have infused within western conscious. The East had long become to represent the land of fragrances, Shakespeare even referencing this in his plays! And when you see the success of brands such as Tom Ford Black Orchid, we cannot deny the role of Eastern fragrance tradition.

Imported aromatics play an integral part in Arab and South Asian culture. They are used to brighten the home, lighten the mood and colour everything around them. Musk, Amber, Rose and Oud are principle fragrances that are integral to our culture and even have connotations of religious significance. Culture and fragrance cannot be separated. We are the obvious choice to buy Arabic perfume from because we have the most impressive selection of fragrances out there. We are specialists and can offer expert advice to customers about the best fragrance. We are a family business and therefore will look after each customer and their needs.

It has been acutely found that Oud is actually beneficial to our health! It can regulate our minds, foster happy thoughts, detoxify negative energies in our minds, and be soothing and calming. The beautiful element of Oud is that it has no expiry date and unlike other essential oils that have a particular shelf life, Oud grows better with age!

We are experts when it comes to Oud. We know the different types, fragrances, qualities, properties and can direct you to the right Oud for you. Our Surrati products are exclusive to us in the UK and we hope to bring more Fragrance Houses from abroad to London, centre stage.

The benefits of Oud include: providing us with a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance, alleviating stress and even purifying our skin. It is customary in many Arab countries and within South Asian households to pass bakhoor amongst the guests in the congregation as a gesture of hospitality. Muslims also use it on special occasions like Weddings, Eid, Friday prayers or generally just to perfume the house, thought to distil negative energies.

Our current best seller is Dehan Al Oudh Al Malaki. Its a beautiful intoxicating scent for anyone who likes a earthy and woody aromas. You should check out our Incense & Bakhoor from as we offer a beautiful, diverse range of products that no one else can compete with, in quality or price.

Oud technically refers to the raw agarwood chips or pieces which have undergone minimal processing (cleaning/polishing) and are completely natural. Bakhoor typically also contains a number of synthetic aromatic chemicals which gives it its oily appearance. The benefits of bakhoor include: a beautifully fragranced home, a heightened sense of mental clarity, and a calming sense of security.

In order to use bakhoor, first warm some charcoal till it greys and has a nice orange tinge to it. Place it within the bakhoor burner and use a pair of tongs to place the coal tab in the burner. Carefully sprinkle some bakhoor on top of the coal tab. The bakhoor's oils will evaporate thanks to the heat of the charcoal tab, releasing exotic, aromatic and rich fragrances. A few recommended Bakhoors would be Bakhoor Salwa, Moattar Oud Cambodi Qadeem, Mamool Fakhir Banafsaji and Mabsoos Al Zain.

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