Which is the Best Perfume to be Gifted to a Girl or a Woman?

Which is the Best Perfume to be Gifted to a Girl or a Woman?

A fragrance is a wonderful gift for a woman. But fragrance is also an intensely personal thing. Everybody has their own particular taste and if you are buying a perfume as a gift it is important to make the right choice. We have written before about the ways a portable Bakhoor Burner can be used to bring the heady fragrance of Oud Bakhoor into the home. But these seductively exotic perfumes of Arabia are also available as a range of Eau de Parfum, so you can now visit our Arabian perfume shop online – and choose the perfect Arabic perfume for the ladies in your life.


Of course, the problem you must face is that precisely because a fragrance is such a personal thing it is important that when you are choosing your gift you make the correct selection. You cannot buy just any old Arabian perfume for ladies, you must make sure that you match the gift you give to the ladies’ personalities. Fortunately, you are in luck. Maha Musk London is proud to have been established as an Arabian perfume shop in London for many years and driven by our founder’s great passion for fragrance we are not only able to offer you an extensive range from which to choose, but also the expertise and experience to assist you as you make your selection.


For example, perhaps you are choosing a gift for a woman who enjoys the finer things in life, a woman of style and sophistication. A woman of maturity who has seen something of the world and appreciates complexity and richness. Such a woman might well enjoy AMAN. This is one of the best selling fragrances in the whole of the Middle East. AMAN is a powerful fragrance that suggests celebrity and elegance. And now that we are speaking of elegance it is the case that such a woman may also appreciate AMAN’s sister fragrance ELAN which offers a deeply regal scent that quite literally smells of luxury. These are fragrances that speak to opulence and elegance.


Alternatively, if you are selecting a fragrance for ladies who are young at heart with a dynamic and modern approach to life you might want to opt for our Voluptuous Eau de Parfum. This sensuous scent is redolent with citric notes of violet and orange, with hints of delicate peach and rich notes of plum. This is a revolutionary perfume that is perfect for the outgoing young women of today who seek to make their own way in the world on their own terms. Voluptuous is an Eau de Parfum that speaks of independence and self expression.

Naturally you might well be buying Arabian perfume for ladies with more delicate tastes. If you are looking for a gift for a woman who prefers her fragrance to be floral in nature that is no problem. As one of the most experienced Arabian perfume shops in London the experts at Maha Musk London can help you here too. You might perhaps consider Ceroza, with its heady and enthralling notes of pomegranate, peony, magnolia and lotus mingling enticingly with hints of musk and amber. Ceroza is a divinely delicate perfume for any young woman who appreciates the exquisite beauty of the natural world.


The fragrant, floral Envie de Vie could also be perfect for ladies who enjoy the freshness of flowers and the inherent beauty of nature. With its soft notes of bergamot and vanilla blending with the citric freshness of mandarin and orange blossom and just a hint of rose and Jasmin this is a delicately sophisticated scent that expresses a delight in the aromatic beauty of the natural world. Truly this is a statement Eau de Parfum that allows its wearer to proclaim her personality wherever she goes.


But perhaps your gift of Arabian perfume is for ladies who appreciate spice. If this is the case you might consider the fragrance we call Banafsaji. Still faintly floral with notes of rose, this is a warm and spicy scent with a sweet balsamic sharpness. This is a subtle and complex scent that expresses an assured femininity. This is an Eau de Parfum for women who are comfortable and confident in who they truly are.


Of course there is no shortage of women who are confident in their identities. Spice is always a confident note in a fragrance and if it is spice that you seek you should also consider Black Oud. This is the ideal Eau de Parfum for the woman who understands her femininity. Rich with the woody notes of oud this is a warm, spicy, aromatic fragrance with a nostalgic hint of patchouli. Black Oud is a deep and rich scent which makes a true statement that nobody could forget.


In the end, the best perfume you can give as a gift to a girl or a woman depends entirely on the girl or the woman you are choosing the fragrance for. You should match the characteristics of the perfume you select to the characteristics of the intended recipient of the gift. You must understand that selecting a perfume for your ladies is not a science; this is an art – and you will need to exercise your own judgement based on your understanding of the preferences and personalities of the ladies you are buying the perfume for.


Be assured, whatever the ladies in your life desire as the foremost Arabian perfume shop in London Maha Musk is here to help you find the perfect gift for the women in your life. The phalanx of fragrance we have described here is a mere sample of the wares we have to offer. Here at Maha Musk London we have the perfect Arabic perfume for ladies of every taste and sensibility. Many of the Eau de Parfum we offer chime perfectly with our Oud Bakhoor Arabian incense, so if you also gift a portable Bakhoor Burner the recipient of your gift can also fragrance her rooms with a scent that will be truly hers.


So why not explore the world of Arabic perfume for ladies, and indeed for men. Take the time to truly explore the wonders of Arabian Oud Bakhoor as the base for Eau de Parfum, and then look further. So many of the Eau de Parfum we offer are in harmony with the Arabic Oud Bakhoor that should be used with the portable Bakhoor burners we sell. With the fragrances of our various Eau de Parfum and the traditional Arabic aromas of Oud Bakhoor you can indulge yourself and your loved ones in the heady exotic fragrances of the Middle East wherever you are.


So allow us to help you to bring the exotic home and understand – the best perfume to be gifted to a girl or a woman? That depends entirely on the girl or the woman. But whoever she is, and whatever her personality, there is an oud based Eau de Parfum that would be perfect for her and here at Maha Musk London we would be pleased beyond all measure to help you to make that match.

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