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Ramadhan Attar Collection

Ramadhan Attar Collection

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Attar names from left to right

Mystic Ocean Breeze:

This blend is a unique and captivating scent. It features woody notes that add depth and warmth to the fragrance, while the oceanic notes add a fresh and invigorating quality. Additionally, floral notes are present in the blend, lending a delicate and feminine touch. The combination of these notes creates a balanced and harmonious scent that is perfect for any occasion.

Jasmin Dreams:

The perfume combines the floral and fresh notes of jasmine and vanilla, with the luxurious scents similar to Chanel Chance, Million and Bvlgari Women, and the refreshing Cool Water Davidoff and Eternity CK notes. The name "Jasmine Dreams" captures the essence of the perfume, evoking a dreamy and sensual quality, while also highlighting the key ingredient that ties the blend together - jasmine.

Desert Musk:

This perfume evokes the dry, warm landscape of the Middle East, as well as the rich and complex scent of musk. It's a simple yet evocative name that would work well for a unisex fragrance.

Red Spark:

This fragrance is memorable, and captivates the idea of energy and excitement. It's a great choice for a fragrance that is both light and zesty.

Nomadic Nights:

The scent that is warm, exotic, and adventurous, with notes of oud, musk, and zest that evoke the spirit of travel and exploration.

Lumina Musk:

This name combines "Lumina," meaning "light" in Latin, with the bright and musky notes which gives the fragrance a warm and sensual quality, making it suitable for any gender.

Silver Odyssey:

Combining the notes of Amouage Epic and Creed Silver, it evokes a sense of adventure and discovery with the use of "Odyssey", while also emphasizing the silver notes from Creed Silver. The combination of the two scents results in a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance that is both classic and modern.

Oud Trilogy:

This opulent fragrance embodies the fusion of three distinct types of oud, seamlessly harmonizing into a singular olfactory masterpiece. Coined as the "Trilogy," this scent pays tribute to the pivotal role each of the ouds, namely Oud Bangkok, Oud F4, and Oud SP 6, play in creating an unparalleled aromatic experience.

Oud Quartet:

This unique oil blends the exotic and mysterious essences of Oud Hindi, Oud Cambodi, Oud Safran, and Black Oud, creating a captivating and distinct aroma that highlights the individuality of each oud.

Dark Amber:

A musky and amber-based perfume with a strong scent for men. This perfume blend intrigues a sense of darkness and mystery, with a deep and complex quality to the scent, while the amber connotes warmth and fire. The overall effect of this oil makes it a powerful and alluring fragrance that is sure to ignite the senses.


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